Where it's all about you!

Where it's all about you!

Where it's all about you!Where it's all about you!Where it's all about you!

what makes us different

Mimi's has been in Knightdale, NC since 1994. A small, family owned business, we have kept it our priority to make everyone who walks in the door... family!

Mimi's was the first area salon offering walk in tanning only... come when you want not when you have to.  There is no need to worry about the last tan for the day either...we will tan you as long as you enter before we close for the day!



To all of our valued members, clients, friends, and family...

➡️➡️Please take the time to read this... this post has VERY important info to our members!

Wake County Health Department has issued restrictions that require us to temporarily close due to COVID-19. Let me be clear... this is the last thing I wanted. Never did I think this would happen!! Please know this affects EVERYONE adversely.

Just so you know and understand how this impacts Mimi’s... this is devastating to our business and industry!! This is typically our busy/peak season. Even though we are open year round, we are a seasonal business. It’s only because of our monthly memberships and income earned during our peak season that we can stay open year round and be sustained throughout the year. They canceled your cruises, proms, spring break, vacations, spring time prep... and the result was canceling our business! Our peak season is slipping away during all of this... and without our peak season... it puts a huge strain on our business the rest of the year just to be sustained.

🗣🗣Even during this downturn in business and this very uncertain time, I want to be clear that I will do my best to do right by everyone who has made purchases or has memberships with us.

⏱⏱For time sensitive-packages:

You won’t loose time! From the date of our forced closure, if you had remaining time, I will restart those packages for your remaining time on our first day of reopening.

🏆🏆For those who have memberships:

I am going to offer different options on individual basis.

-Option 1️⃣: You can keep your membership going, monthly draft membership payments as usual. What you paid will then be credited back to your account for salon credit for future product purchases, upgrades, etc. This option also helps to provide Mimi’s with the ability to have some income during our closure to purely cover overhead costs as it normally does and expenses that won’t stop even when we are forced to.

-Option 2️⃣: You can opt for a 50% discount on your monthly draft membership payment. This option gives you a reduced membership fee without any penalties, cancellations, and reduced cost to you. The difference from this option is that you will not get back any salon credit but this will also help us to make ends meet during closure.

-Option 3️⃣: You can freeze your account for only $5 a month until reopen.

📲📲If you have a membership and see this post, please message Mimi’s website, Facebook, or email directly and let me know which option you would like or any questions you may have.

I know it’s everyone who comes in and visits us that is feeling these impacts. But for your health and safety right now... we must do this. While we can’t provide you with that peaceful retreat for your mental and physical “feel-good”... we STILL WILL in the very soon future.

Mimi’s is a small, family owned business and are only here because of YOUR continued support!! There are employees who depend on us and we want to keep them here! Please continue to support small business before, during, and after this pandemic. With everyone’s help, support, and working together... we will bounce right back!! I will keep everyone updated as much as possible during this time and with any definite reopen date!

Thank you so much for your understanding and support during this time. 😘😘

-❤️Kady... Mimi’s Management & Staff







We offer three different levels of UV tanning beds. Single sessions, groups of sessions, months unlimited, or memberships available.





We offer Mystic Sunless Spray for all ages! Click the link below to find out more, know what to expect, and how to prepare if you are ready.





We offer a variety of different lotions, skin care products, and accessories for every need! Mimi's offers a large selection of lotions  10% off everyday. If we don't carry your favorite lotion we are happy to special order it for you.

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