Meet Our Staff





Kady McKoy - Salon Owner

a little bit about me

I'm originally from Massachusetts but grew up in Raleigh. I currently live in Wendell. I'm married to my wonderful husband, Josh, and we have two children together - Jaydon & Makayla. I love the Lord and know He is the only one who has made all the great things in my life possible. I am a Wake Tech Alumni, graduating with two Associates Degrees including Business Administration. I also dedicate a lot of time to ministry, including teaching youth class and outreach. I'm also part of a women's organization called Step By Step that  helped me to graduate, turn my life around, and keeps me going! I enjoy spending time with my family, traveling, and working. 

why mimi's?

I worked at Mimi's for almost 5 years before becoming the owner. I worked at the front desk and got to know everyone who walked in the door. I loved it. I earned my degrees while working and helped support my family. Mimi's was established in August 1994 by Irene "MIMI" and Paul Snow. It was then passed down through two more generations before I had the opportunity to assume ownership. I jumped at it! Never did I think I would have such a flouring business like this and love coming to work every day.

Values & vision

I believe in supporting small businesses that keep our communities going and growing. I am family oriented and want to create that environment at Mimi's. I want everyone who visits the salon to feel welcome and like a part of our little family. I make it my mission to get to know everyone by name and know they are truly valued! I am open and honest, leaving the lines of communication open for any one. If you EVER have an issue (good or bad) while at Mimi's please contact me directly at I'd love to hear from you! :)